Monday, June 4, 2012

China Glaze Poolside Collection Review

Left to Right! Flip Flop Fantasy, Towel Boy Toy, Sun Worshiper, Kiwi Cool-ADA, Pool Party, Yellow Polka Dot Bikini.
When I first saw this collection, I had to have them! I wanted some bright colors! They look like they would be really bright and colorful and what girl doesn't like bright and colorful right? These colors in this collection are very transparent and have a matte finish "which I don't really care for"! So if your like me make sure to have a shiny top coat ready. Also to make the colors pop more you could use a white nail polish as a base coat. Tried this technique when I painted my toenails using Pool Party and it really made the color brighter! Below I will rate this on a transparent scale 1-being very transparent and 3-being not at all transparent " Judgement based on a single coat". *Flip Flop Fantasy- I really like this color it's a baby pink color.. I would give it a 1 on the transparent scale. *Towel Boy Toy- I wouldn't consider it a neon blue. You will defiantly need more the one coat! I tried it with 2 and 3. To me the color looked better with 2 coats. On the transparent scale I would give it a 1. *Sun Worshiper-Wish it had more orange coloring to it! I would give it a 2 on the transparent scale. *Kiwi Cool-Ada- It's a really pretty color. 3 coats would defiantly would be needed. On the transparent scale I would give it a 1. *Pool Party- As I stated earlier this is the one i used a white nail polish under. It turned out really pretty! I would give it a 3 on the transparent scale. *Yellow Polka Dot Bikini-It's a very pretty yellow. On the transparent scale i would give it a 1.

From Left to right-Flip Flop Fantasy, Towel Boy Blue, Yellow Polka Dot Bikini, Kiwi Cool-Ada, Pool Party... (Not Pictured is Sun Worshiper) These are all using a single layer!
olor just leave me a comment and i will try my best to get those up for you! <3
I do have a couple of these that are my favorite those being Pool Party, Flip Flop Fantasy, Towel Boy Blue! If you want to know anything else or see more pictures of a certain color just leave a comment!! Be Kind and subscribe if you enjoy my blogs!! Thanks.

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