Sunday, July 15, 2012

Dino Lingo

I was not one of the lucky ones that got this product in there Mom VoxBox : ( they did however give me a link for my child to preview it : ). Thank you so much for allowing me to test products, I love your company! I am sad that I did not receive it in my VoxBox because my children really enjoyed watching it! I have never seen them so into T.V. They didn't even realize they were learning a new language. I will have to order this set for them. I have included a video of my one of my Daughters after she watched  Dino Lingo in Spanish. She loved watching it. Normally when she watch's T.V. she is always doing something else (not with Dino Lingo) this child was glued to the television. I am really impressed with how quick they picked up on the words, i believe all the pictures and the dinosaur jumping around helped a lot! Every time they say a word they show a picture of that word! Dino Lingo has 30 different language sets. These are the languages they have English, Spanish, Korean, Russian, Polish, Portuguese (Brazil), Portuguese (European), Japanese, Dutch, Swedish, Greek, Italian, Turkish, Finnish, Latin, Arabic, Chinese (Mandarin), Urdu, Vietnamese, Thai, Tagalog (Filipino), Persian, German, French, Bahasa (Indonesian), Irish (Gaelic), Hebrew, Hindi, Hungarian, Bulgarian. In today's world it's great to know more then one language! If you would like more info just visit: You can also try it out by visiting this website. This is a really great investment! Plus your child will have a lot of fun learning with this product. I know mine sure did!

If you are not sure what is a product testing site and you can earn badges that interest you (they have badges from Blogger to Mom and everything in between)! All you do to earn a badge is fill out the questioner (which in fact does not take that long,maybe a total of 5 Min's, really is worth 5-10 Min's.) that opens when you click on a badge. After you fill out for your badge interest you will wait for to approve the badge. Now based on the badges you have unlocked, if they have a VoxBox coming out for that badge and its also based on where you live! is a great site you will be very happy you joined!

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