Sunday, July 15, 2012

The Many Uses of Ivory

This is the Ivory Bar Soap I received in my Mom VoxBox 2012 from ( This Ivory Bar Soap was sent to me for free to test and give my opinion on).I want to Thank Influenster for allowing me to test products.If you are not sure what is a product testing site and you can earn badges that interest you (they have badges from Blogger to Mom and everything in between)! All you do to earn a badge is fill out the questioner (which in fact does not take that long,maybe a total of 5 Min's, really is worth 5-10 Min's.) that opens when you click on a badge. After you fill out for your badge interest you will wait for to approve the badge. Now based on the badges you have unlocked, if they have a VoxBox coming out for that badge and its also based on where you live! is a great site you will be very happy you joined! There is so many uses for Ivory bar soap and I am going to show you some of them! I don't like using bar soap to clean myself (I am a body wash type of girl)! But this are some of the things I used my Ivory Bar Soap for! So let's get started...

I used it to clean my makeup brushes. It left them clean and smelling great! When I first got it out of my VoxBox I didn't like the way it smelled, well let's just say that has changed. (Not sure if it was the wrapper smell, but once i opened it i loved the smell.) Now my makeup brushes are clean and ready to use again.

I seen a video on YouTube about microwaving a bar or even parts of the Ivory Bar soap. So i figured i would give it a try. I used a half of bar of Ivory and put it in the microwave for 1 minute. It is said that the people who made the soap stirred it to long which caused air pockets. Once the heat from the microwave hit the air pockets it causes them to spread and the Ivory soap expands as the air pockets expand. "Not a scientist so don't know how to explain it in real detail!) Here is what it looked like once i took it out!
It feels soft and crumbles once touched. I think this is really cool that it does this! I would have never thought to put soap in the microwave.. Cool huh?
Unlike any other soap bar Ivory floats in water while others sink! I have found many uses for Ivory Bar soap! The picture at the top of this blog is a picture of where I cut the Ivory bar soap into a heart shape for my daughters to use. The really enjoyed bathing with it seeing it was heart shaped! Hope you enjoyed my post on Ivory Bar soap! If there is anything more you would like to know about Ivory Bar soap please visit:!


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